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​Size: XXL Breed: Saint Berdoodle  Gender: Male Color: Multi-Color  Code: ELLmC  Price Code: Email
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This Giant F2 male Saint Berdoodle is the closest puppy to a Saint Bernard, without the drool and without the shedding. In terms of size, he is a GIANT at 3 1/2 months old here, and larger than some of our Pure bred Saint Bernard's at this age.  He has the most amazing sweet temperament. He is a calm gentle giant, and at the same time a big goofy clumsy boy.You can hear him walking as he comes towards you with his heavy feet, as he is not to worried about walking in graceful strides. He absolute loves attention. And it is hard to get even a picture taken of him as he thinks he is a lap dog and should be right on top of you all the time.

Besides being no drooling and a big boned male, this boy has a beautiful soft Curly type of hair coat, which will be medium in length. Not to short, but not to long to worry about always keeping him groomed. He however will require some grooming.

​Size: Lg/XL  Breed: Saint Berdoodle F1B  Gender: Male  Color: Tri Color   Code: EMBLEOmA  Price Code:  #D
​Size: XXL Breed: Saint Berdoodle  Gender: Male Color: Tri-Color  Code: ELLmA  Price Code: SP
​Size: XXL Breed: Saint Berdoodle   Gender: Male  Color: Tri Color   Code: CKLEOmA  Price Code:  #SP

Born April 2 /19 
​Size: XXL Breed: Saint Berdoodle   Gender: Male  Color: Tri Color   Code: SSHBNmA  Price Code:  #SP
Born June 29 /19 Ready to go Aug 24 /19 
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