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Funny Saint Berdoodle faces to make you smile!

  One day when I was taking pictures of puppies for my website,  I jokingly said to this little          boy pictured below. Smile for the  camera, and much to my amaze, this is what I discovered        when I downloaded and went through the pictures of him.

  I was going to delete them because I thought what a silly look he has on his face, But then I        decided not to because of how much they made me laugh.  After all I did say to him "smile for    the camera." 

  These pictures of this little boy are not photo shopped in anyway to make him look like he          was smiling, he just did this goofy look by himself. 

  I did notice while I was taking pictures of him he was making all kinds of weird faces. I was        taking the pictures quite quickly, that I did not really spend long focusing on the funny faces        he was making. 

  It was not until I downloaded them that I saw his face, and what  he was actually doing was        smiling, at least that is what the pictures of him appeared to me to be.

  He looked like he was smiling. I started to laugh at his pictures. For a moment I felt bad              thinking I should not laugh at his silly faces, but then I thought, maybe these pictures are just      there for a reason, and  they are meant to make me laugh. 

  I laugh every time I look at them, especially the one showing his teeth.  They say                          laughter is good medicine. So I felt why not share this good medicine with you. 

  Our  Goliath Saint Berdoodle Puppies are such little comedians.  I am just happy I had my           camera by my side and  that I was quick enough to capture these funny pictures. 

  Over the years I have captured many pictures that made me laugh, and I just did not      even        think to share them.  Now I am starting to file them in a file I call Funny Faces, when I                come across them. It is amazing how many I have taken over the years, and how my Saint          Berdoodle puppies never cease to bring joy and laughter to my heart.
 "Smile for the camera"

  More funny pictures for your enjoyment!

I included this photo because it is uncanny how human like Georgia's face appears to look in this picture when I look at her eyes.