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Electronic Signature Box 

Please Note.  

This Contract  MUST BE SIGNED BEFORE the release of the puppy to his/her new home.

Sales & Health Guarantee Contract, 

Goliath Inc
 P.O. Box 127 Bradford Ont L3Z 2A7
(647) 327-2011 goliathinc@hotmail.com  
Website: saintberdoodlescanada.com

Description of Dog:
Breed________________________________________Purchase Price: $___________________
Date of Deposit Received and amount__________________________ Balance: $____________
Date of Pickup___________________ ______Amount due upon pickup____________________
Buyers Name:____________________________________Phone Number:________________
City:_______________________________Province:____________Postal code:____________
Buyers Email:_________________________________________________________________

Health Guarantee at the Time of Purchase.

The breeder guarantees that the puppy will be in good health at the time of purchase, and will have received first vaccines, and deworming medication, and been seen by a vet at least once. The puppy has been dewormed at least two times by veterinarian sold wormer. The buyer has the right to return the puppy to the Seller within 2 days after the purchase of the puppy for a refund of the purchase price, if the puppy is found to be suffering from a fatal disease, which is proven by a veterinarian to be contracted from the breeder’s kennel. This guarantee is valid for a period of 2 days after the date of pickup.

A note from a veterinarian is also required describing the dogs condition.

Each puppy purchased from Goliath Saintberdoodles will come home with 30 days of Trupanion Pet Health Insurance  free of charge to you. You  must call within 24 hours of the purchase day of the puppy to activate your Pet Insurance. Please note the plan is good for 30 Days only, during that time it is the buyers obligation to set up a plan for after the 30 days time frame has expired. Call 1 855 266- 2156  within 24 hours of the date the puppy has been picked up or received, with your Goliath Inc activation code provided to you at the time of purchase and pickup of your puppy. Therefore if the puppy presents signs of illness at anytime during the up to twelve months of age period of this contact, the breeder will only be responsible to pay the lowest deductible amount, if authorized in writing by the breeder beforehand.

The breeder is not responsible for any injuries, illnesses or death that may have occurred outside of the two day period, or if the dog contracted an illness or injury that had nothing to do with the environment of the Breeders kennel.

The breeder guarantees this puppy from fatal viruses within the first 48 hours from the date of purchase, which includes Distemper, Parvo, and Corona virus. Breeder does not include Giardia, Coccidia, any type of worms, Parasites, Fleas,lice,mange, Urinary tract infections, kennel cough, which are all common in puppies, hernia’s, cherry eye, bacterial or viral infections, teeth, mange, or any other common puppy illness. The breeder has done everything possible to prevent these things, and has took all precautions to make sure your puppy does not have them, but sometimes puppy's will have them when they go home, and it comes with puppy territory. The breeder is not responsible to cover the cost of teeth, worms, parasites, mites, fleas, lice, mange, urinary tract infections or any infection or virus.

The breeder guarantees the dog of severe hip and/or elbow dysplasia until 12 months of age, provided the X-rays taken by the veterinarian are in the correct hip X-ray position, as posted on the website of Leerburg Kennels under the article title written, " The importance of Good Positioning on Canine Hips" and that the x-rays are examined by OFA then afterward. If  OFA determines that the dog is severely dysplastic, the owner must then inform the breeder at this time of the dogs condition.  The hip guarantee is null and void if the dog is determined to be over weight, and,or, has not had any daily exercise, (walking and swimming are good exercise in maintaining joints and to prevent hip dysplasia in dogs), or as a result of an injury, such as a fall, or hit by a car, or any object, or to over exercise your dog.  To much exercise in a young dog can cause your dog to have hip and joint problems. Exercise your dog in moderation in the first year, and always build up the exercise over time. Do not start out with to long of walks, or strenuous walks, runs, or swims. Even to much play time for long periods of time can be hard on the young dog. Poor quality food can cause joint and hip problems. 
Or if any other physical injury has occurred, or dog is in any other poor state or condition as a result of poor food qualities or poor nutritional disorders.

Breeder feeds Ultra Performatrin Grain Free puppy food. We have found this food to be a company that we stand behind nutritionally, and best for the benefit of our puppies. Therefore we will only guarantee our puppies being fed this food.
Proof of purchase Quality Dog food being fed along with receipts for the time frame of the puppy's 1st year of this contract must accompany any claims.

 Breeder agrees to replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value when one becomes available, providing the puppy has been x-rayed by a qualified veterinarian before its 1st birthday using the Leerburg Hip positioning and there is documented proof the x-rays were read by qualified OFA, and the dog is said to have severe hip dysplasia and there is no medical care or devises that will help the dog. Health care insurance will cover medical care and devises needed, therefore buyer must have health care coverage. There will me no monetary refunds at any time.  

  Please note this Health Guarantee Contract is void after the dog reaches 12 months of age. This Health Guarantee Contract is null and void if the buyer does not purchase Trupanion Health Insurance coverage or health vare coverage from another company that is equal to in comparison to Trupanion Health Insurance, and keep it in good standing order without any lapse in their coverage of their Trupanion Health Insurance coverage while this contract is within effect. Breeder will not Guarantee puppy unless you the buyer have fulfilled your part of the contract with the purchase of Trupanion or another Health Insurance coverage commencing within 24 hours of receiving the puppy. We provide the free Trupanion Health Insurance to you for the first 30 days all you need to do is call in to activate it, and to have and keep coverage in place and in good standing for the duration of the Breeder Health Guarantee Contract coverage (Contract coverage period is period of up to 12 months of age). Please note we only give a Health Guarantee up to 12 months of the puppy/dogs age.

Guarantee of Temperament

Because the breed is still a young breed, the breeder cannot guarantee the temperament of the breed of dog, as there are no long term references to refer to.  Please note; that what is currently known so far of this breed, is that some dogs are more cautious of strangers, and this is a typical trait of even some of the puppies.

The breeder is not responsible for a dog that may show signs of shyness or aggressiveness once the dog or puppy is in his new home, and surroundings. As each dog is different, and the breeder can only see how the dog is in the breeders possession, and has no way of knowing how the puppy/dog will react in their new surroundings.  

Application of Guarantee 

If the dog has been put to sleep for whatever reason if permission has not been obtained first by the breeder the dog will not be replaced..

 The breeder has the right to have the dog examined by a veterinarian of their choice for a second opinion.

The breeder will only compensate the buyer once, with a replacement puppy when one becomes available. There will be no monetary refunds.

a)The buyer must return the dog to the breeder if it is proven by a veterinarian to have a life threatening hereditary disease or severe hip dysplasia (determined by OFA) before the age of 12 months. The dog will then be replaced free of charge by another dog of the same breed following the return of the original dog. A letter from a board certified veterinarian must be given to the breeder to show that the dog has a severe hereditary condition that came from the breeder, and in no way was the result of outside Environmental conditions such as to much exercise, going up and down the stairs, an injury to the dog of any kind, poor quality of food etc, anything related to Environmental conditions of the  living conditions of the dog.  If the letter is not provided to the breeder then the dog will not be replaced. It is the buyer’s responsibility to get the dog back to the breeder.

b)We do our best to ensure our breeding dogs are sound (joints and hips) and healthy (disease free) and are healthy , and our puppies are healthy, They are started  on high quality food even before they are born, by feeding their mothers very high grade food to pass on into your baby the quality and nutrition they need from the start of their life. They have been vaccinated, de-wormed and seen by a licenced veterinarian before release to their new forever homes, sometimes just like people dogs can get sick.

This is why it is advised that you must set up pet insurance in case some unforeseen situation arises in your dog. 

The Buyer agrees

A)to have this dog de-sexed at 6-10 months of age  or age agreed upon between breeder and buyer, and mail proof of spay/neuter to the breeder. Failure to do so shall null and void this contract, and the purchase price of the dog will now be five times the purchase amount originally paid and due payable within the first year, or period discussed between breeder and buyer...If not having your dog spayed or neutered and this results in a breeding the buyers agrees to number B) of the contract..

B)STRICT NON-BREEDING CONTRACT , BUYER AGREES to pay the breeder the cost of the purchase price of their puppy at the time they purchased the puppy from the breeder, Plus an additional $50,000.00  if the dog has been bred.   Puppies that are now in the buyers litter as a result of a planned breeding or an unintentional breeding will result in an additional charge of the Purchase Price of puppy X amount in buyers litter = amount you owe the breeder. This will be in effect for each and every litter and times you breed the dog without the prior consent and approval of the breeder. It is very important that you spay or neuter your dog before breeding age.

C)to maintain this dog at a proper weight and shall not over exercise (over one mile per walking session) or allow this dog to continually go up and down stairs freely for the first year and a half of its life (you must also have something set up so your puppy cannot fall down the stairs.

D) to take this dog to the vet at least once a year for its annual shots and check-up.

E) To feed Performatrin Ultra Grain Free dog food. Proof of Quality Food receipts must accompany any claims.

F)to inform the breeder if you have any concerns about the health/temperament of this dog.

G)to set up a pet insurance plan.

H)that they know the breeder does not guarantee this will be a non-shedding or hypoallergenic dog, or that the color, markings or weights may change to what was previously thought or estimated. We do our best from past experience to estimate the puppies weights and colors but sometimes these can change.

I)to allow Goliath Saintberdoodles to use any form of publicity that has been attributed to your dog in form of photographs or film or advertising or any other manner.

J)that this dog will never be sold or given away to anyone, without first contacting the breeder. The contract is null and void to any new owners and no funds back will be given for the dog. 

K)They will not in any way tarnish the name or reputation of the breeder in online chat rooms or over the internet in any way.

L) This dog will not be given away or sold to anyone, without first contacting the breeder. The health contract is null and void to new owners.

Return Policy: We do not give refunds on puppies, older puppies or adults, under any circumstances no matter what the owners circumstances may be. We are not rent a puppy, where you may try out a puppy and simply return it because you have decided the puppy is not suitable for you or your circumstances. We will however take the puppy back from you within 72 hours of purchase, but  make note of this you will not receive a refund of any amount back on the puppy. It is best to make sure that you know for sure that you want a puppy, and are fully aware of the responsibilities of dog ownership.    There are no refunds or returns under any circumstances  other than the puppy is proven by a vet to have a contracted a life threatening illness from the breeders kennel, and prior to purchase of the puppy, and only within the first 72 hours from the time of pickup of the puppy, will the puppy be guaranteed as stated above under our Health Guarantee. Whether in the case of you have decided you do not want the puppy, or for any other reasons at all. If you have purchased a puppy who is ready to go home at the time of your purchase (8 week and older puppy) and not taking the puppy home with you when the puppy is ready to go. ( ie you are not ready for a puppy yet, or you are going away on holidays, or the puppy is being sent into a training program, etc) you will be responsible for your puppy's shots, or vet bills, should they incur while at the breeders or trainers premises, or should any unforeseen accident or illness occur resulting in vet costs, or even death,you will not hold the breeder or trainer liable in any way, as the puppy or dog belongs to you, and the breeder or trainer are doing you a service by keeping your puppy longer for you, whether it be you are not ready for your puppy or puppy/dog is placed in a training program for you. You agree you will not holder the breeder or trainer responsible for your puppy in anyway , and for any costs or vet bills incurring while at the breeders or trainers premises, these costs will belong to you the owner. 

H)that this Agreement between the BUYER and BREEDER and any disputes between the buyer and the breeder which result in having to go through the courts that all proceedings will be under the Jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario Courts, Country of Canada. Any court costs or any other fees resulting in the said matter will be the buyers responsibility. 
The breeder will not be responsible for any of the buyer’s court costs or any other financial obligations resulting in any of  the said matters of this contract between the buyer and seller, 
that would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the Province of Ontario. BUYER hereto irrevocably submit(s) to the jurisdiction of the federal or provincial courts located in the Province of Ontario over any dispute arising out of or relating to this agreement.

All details of the Buyer/Breeders responsibilities and understandings are written within this agreement and The Buyer and Breeder accept all conditions stipulated in the pages above.

Date: _______________________________________

Breeders signature: ___________________________________________________________

Buyers signature: _________________________________________________________________

Electronic Signature is required in this Box  

Your signature verifies that this is a legal and binding contract between Goliath Saintberdoodles and you the purchaser. By you typing in your name and sending it, this now  becomes a legal and binding electronic signature between Goliath Saintberdoodles and yourself.

By signing this you are Stating that you have read the contract over and agree to the contents there within. 

 Box # 1 place your full Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address.

Box # 2 is your ELECTRONIC  SIGNATURE agreeing to the Terms laid out in the  SALES AND HEALTH GUARANTEE Contract..


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Our Contract    Goliath       Saintberdoodles
Breeder of Exceptional Doodles
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